• Superior brightness with a 162-degree beam angle of light filling illumination.
  • Engineered with Top Tier LED chips.
  • Equipped with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology.
  • High-quality parts.
  • Reliable manufacturing for excellent performance.
  • Designed for uniform illumination with durable, dependable, and long-lasting construction.
  • Bitro’s thru-wire interconnect technology for minimum voltage and maximum efficiency.

Models & Dimension

Models/Part Description
XPRO-M3LT-BW65OpticsPRO X Lite Bright White 6500K
XPRO-M3LT-DW50OpticsPRO X Lite Day White 5000K

IP665 Year Warranty.RoHS Compliant.cSA US.CEc RU US.

"Bitro's Best Selling Premier Module Series "

Powerful, and high performance yet affordable module family for everyday lighting application

Advanced Optics for Clean Lighting

Wide angle optics typically introduces color-over-angle phosphor lines that gives impure lighting on the illuminated surfaces. Xpro series features pure and clean lighting with no phosphor lines to ensure uniform illumination.

Manufactured with Top Tier Components and latest Technology.

Top Tier LED, Constant Current Technology and Quality PCB and interconnecting components for minimizing voltage drops.

True IP67 Weatherproof Construction

Uniform illumination and brightness at 128Lm/ft.

Industry-leading Warranty

Backed by 7-year product / 5-year labor warranty

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