• Optics-enhanced version of the original lattice.
  • Uniform illumination at low profile depths.
  • Eliminates shadowing in complicated cabinet structures.
  • Optimized for flex-faced tapered frames.
  • Reliable and predictable lighting results.
  • Powered by a top-tier LED chipset with LM80 data.
  • Easy to install.
  • Requires less labor to install.
  • Equipped with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology, which guarantees reliability, longevity, and uniformity, and Thru-wire Interconnect Technology to minimize voltage drop.
  • For use in dray and damp locations.
  • Labor-saving design.
  • Powered by Bitro’s Constant Current Technology for reliability, longevity, and uniformity.
  • Manufactured with Bitro’s Thru-wire Interconnect Technology to minimize voltage drops.
  • UL Recognized Component listed in Sign Component Manual (SAM/SCM)

Models & Dimension

Models/Part Description
L3G-LD10U15-24VBW65-230DS Lattice 3G LD10U15, 230mm

"Bitro's Next Generation Optics Enhanced Lattice Product Series. "

Newest evolution in the industry-leading lattice product market. Optics ate more versatile tht its predecessors.

LED Matrix Lighting System for Backlighting of Cabinet Signs.

The versatile Optics Technology makes it ideal for the backlighting of cabinet signs with very shallow depth.

Better Uniformity, Lower Box Profiles, Easy Installation and Lumen Efficient

Lumen Efficient at 97.5 Lm/w allows for uniform, reliable and predictable illumination with a high efficiency light output.

Versatile Product Family

L3G-L5T7 - 453.6 lm/sq.ft. L3G-L5T5 - 680.4 lm/sq.ft. L3G-L10H15 - 397.80 lm/sq.ft. L3G-L10H10 - 596.70 lm/sq.ft. L3G-LD10U15 - 655.20 lm/sq.ft.

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