• Versatile lighting solution for lightboxes, sign cabinets, storefronts with glass displays, or ceiling lights.
  • Perfectly uniform illumination of Tunable color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6500K.
  • Controlled with Bitro’s DMX Control Systems/Dimming Solutions to achieve the desired look and feel.
  • Equipped with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology for optical color consistency.
  • Easy to install therefore requires less labor.
  • For use in dry and damp locations.
  • UL recognized.

Models & Dimension

Models/Part Description
L2GTW-5T7-24VBW65WW30-600Lattice 2G Tunable White (3000-6500K) 5T15, 600mm
L2GTW-5T7-24VBW65WW30-300Lattice 2G Tunable White (3000-6500K) 5T15, 300mm

IP665 Year Warranty.RoHS Compliant.cSA US.CEc RU US.

"Bitro's First Tunable White LED Matrix Lighting System For Sign Cabinets. "

Tunable color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6500K and a versatile lighting solution for sign cabinets, storefronts with glass displays or as a ceiling light.


Converts the reliable Lattice2G into a specialized and elegant solution for rectangular cabinets and celing lights.

Manufactured and Controlled with Bitro's Innovative Technology

Bitro's Constant Current Technology for optimum color consistency and DMX Control System/Dimming Solution to achieve the desired lighting ambiance.

A Versatile Family of Products

L2G TW-5T5 - 1389.60 lm/sq.ft. L2G TW-5T6 - 1158.00 lm/sq.ft. L2G TW-5T7 - 926.40 lm/sq.ft. L2G TW-5T10 - 694.80 lm/sq.ft. L2G TW-5T15 - 463.20 lm/sq.ft.

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