Career with Bitro


At Bitro, we understand that the people are our greatest asset.

It is the people that make the company.
Therefore Bitro represent the people, not just the products and services
that we provide. We therefore are always looking for individuals who love
challenges, passionate about providing great products and services to our
customers with strong intention to grow and evolve with us.

At Bitro, we offer you more than just a job.

There are ample opportunities for growth at different levels of your career
because we know that as a fast growing one of the leading lighting
companies in the growing and developing industry, we grow as our people grow.

Our People.

We believe that we, the members of Bitro, are the biggest assets of our company. Upholding a high level of professionalism, intergrity, and expertise, our people are trained to service our clients with the utmost respect at all times. We pride ourselves in helping sign fabricators and designers to solve problems, offer better products, achieve higher efficiency and profitability, expand product offerings, and thus, create higher business growth. This is what makes Bitro the best sign lighting consultants - and we have the track record proves it!

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