Channel Letter Signage Lighting

As a leading LED lighting solution provider in low-profile channel letters, Bitro is proud to introduce its latest innovative product, PICO. It is small and flexible allowing for easy installation in very narrow and low-profile applications. PICO also offers consistent colors as well as the widest beam angle in its class. With its robust body design, PICO is suitable for use in all dry and damp locations.


  • Perfect for small channel letters with narrow strokes
  • Widest beam angle in its class
  • Packed with Bitro’s strict LED control for color consistency
  • Semi-rigid wire for easy cable management
  • Easy-peel double-sided tape
  • High lumen efficacy, 110 lm per Watt
  • Maximum 150 modules per Class 2 power supply

Models & Dimension

Models/Part Description
PCO-P1-BW65PICO Bright White 6500K
PCO-P1-DW50PICO Day White 5000K
PCO-P1-SW40PICO Soft White 4000K
PCO-P1-WW30PICO Warm White 3000K

IP665 Year Warranty.RoHS Compliant.cSA US.CEc RU US.

Designed To Power RESNO letters

Designed by Bitro to power Resno's thin and low profile letters.

Clean and Pure Lighting

Designed to deliver effective coverage for low profile letters with no phosphor lines

Flexible and Controllable Wire

Wire stays in place and does not affect the illumination of low letters.

Superior Weather Protection

Reliable performance in any environment; whether damp or dry.

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