• Brighter Illumination is 45% brighter than perforated materials. White light is purer when compared to that which passes through perforated material. Brighter illumination of colors and those in the RBG Spectrum.
  • Cost-Effective. Less labor to design. Less material costs as perforated materials is not required.
  • Quality and Durability. Optimized for and works only with LEDs. 5-year color fade warranty.
  • Rigorous Testing Standards. Contact Bitro for testing standards.
  • Fabrication Process Similar to other cast acrylic. Seams can be mitered and welded with MEK or equal. Also, the seams can be visible. Can be molded. However, this is not recommended due to “draw” thinning.


Models/Part Description
BK-050-3mmDuLite, Black, 1/8"(3mm) thickness
BK-050-5mmDuLite, Black, 3/16"(5mm) thickness
BL-050-3mmDuLite, Blue, 1/8"(3mm) thickness
BL-050-5mmDuLite, Black, 3/16"(5mm) thickness
IP665 Year Warranty.RoHS Compliant.cSA US.CEc RU US.

"Bitro's Premier Patented Specialty Acrylic Product."

Effective for use in both day and night applications.

Day to Night Color Change.

It has the perfect balance of base pigmentation and translucency, which displays a richer black and blue color during the day light hours and a brilliant white illumination at night.

Brighter Illumination

White light is 45% purer and brighter when passed through perforated material and brightens the illuminated colors in the RBG Spectrum.

Available Options

Blue or Black. Single Sheets or Panels.


Backed by the Industry's Leading 5-Year Color Fade Warranty.

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