• Radio Frequency remote control with more or less 50Ft. in range.
  • High brightness level, easy color, and white channel adjustment.
  • 10 pre-program motion sensors (no user programming required), with speed adjustment.
  • When used with the DMX protocol, upgrading to LightSymphony SELECT or SIGNATURE systems is easy, and with minimal component replacement.
  • 5-channel out with full Class 2 (5A) capacity per channel.
  • Can be manually controlled (on/off buttons) with replay capability.
IP665 Year Warranty.RoHS Compliant.cSA US.CEc RU US.

Bitro's New Entry Level RGB Controller

For use in Bitro's Light Symphony CLASSIC System.

Manufactured With DMX TechnologyI

With the use of DMX Technology and multi-zone out, the S287 is equipped with eight different color zones and easy to use pre-programmed ambiance control. The use of the DMX control also allows for easy upgrading of the LightSymphony SELECT and SIGNATURE Systems with little or no component replacement.

Includes 10 Pre-Programmed Scenes

Ten pre-programmed motion sensor with spped adjustment. No user programming required

Bright and Adjustable

High brightness level, and eassy color and white channel adjustment.

Pre-programmed scenes

It includes 10 already created scenes for you to add smooth gradients and color-fade to any sign.

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