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TracerX (TracerX)
Introducing Bitro’s new and exclusive flexible, bendable, “traceable”
LED tape modules: TRACER X!
TRACER X is small, thin, versatile and bright! It offers a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility in laying out LEDs in continuous lines within extremely narrow channel letters.
The patented design allows the TRACER to bend both vertically AND horizontally without excessively straining the circuit, and the pcb is cuttable every three LEDs. A new feature to the tracer lineup: TRACER X is also silicone coated, making it ideal for both dry and damp* rated channel letters and window signs. TRACER X is offered in various color temperatures.
Soldering is necessary for making electrical connections.
TRACER X brings conventional bulky channel letters to a whole new level of thinner, lower profile, and brighter
lettersets that outperform the competition!

* In damp locations, solder point must be conformal coated.
Excellent for extremely low profile channel letters as low as 1.25″
• US-patented innovative design for maximum flexibility: bendable in all directions!
• Extremely bright
• Cuttable every 3 LEDs for maximum flexibility in lengths
• Save time and cost in lighting up difficult low-profile letters
• Strict color rank control to maintain consistent color.
• Double-sided tape for easy mounting
• Dry and Damp location rated*
• Pre-applied silicone coating w/ consistent thickness for damp rating use
• UL Approved Component on Sign Accessories Manual
* In damp locations, solder point must be conformal coated.
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