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TITO enters it's 3rd generation! Built on the same technology as Optics Pro and Bantam. TITO 3G (T3G) adds optics capability to it's miniature from factor. The tity housing fits into the smallest of channels for narrow and low-profile channel letters. T3G features continuous wire-to-wire constuction with IP67 water protection for outdoor installations in damp environment and are available in whites and colors. 
 Tiny module dimensions allows for installation in tightest appliacations
 Perfect for small channel letter with narrow strokes
 Ultrasonic-fusion lens design for IP67 water protection
 Under-driven circuitry ensures longevity and reliability
 Bitro's Thur-wire interconnect technoloy for minimized voltage drop for uniform lighting
 Comes with double-sided adhensive for easy mounting
 Backed by 5-year warranty
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