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TRACER series (LED FT3120 / FT3111)
Introducing Bitro’s new and exclusive fl exible and “bendable”, or “traceable” tape type LED lighting modules. Bitro’s TRACER is bendable both vertically AND horizontally without excessively straining the circuit, offering a tremendous amount of freedom and fl exibility in laying out LEDs in continuous lines for extremely narrow channel letter lighting applications, taking the conventional bulky channel letters to a whole new level of thinner, slicker, and brighter lettersets that outperforms competitions.
TRACER is small, thin, versatile, and bright. and is offered in 2 colors of whites, red, green, and blue with strict rank
control. The strip can be cut every 3 LEDs and are ideal for indoor low profi le channel letter illuminations and window signs. Soldering is necessary for making electrical connections.
• Excellent for extremely low profi le channel letters as low as 1″ deep channels.
• US-patented innovative design for maximum fl exibility:bendable in all directions!
• Extremely bright - as bright as 225+ lm/ft
• Cuttable every 3 LEDs for maximum fl exibility in lengths.
• Save time and cost in lighting up diffi cult low-profile letters.
• Strict color rank control to maintain consistent color.
• Double-sided tape for easy mounting.
• Dry locations (optional damp location version available).
• UL Approved Component on Sign Accessories Manual.
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