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OpticsElliptix (OTSE)
OpticsElliptix (OTSE) series was designed for a premium channel letters featuring shallow depth and thin stroke. Engineered with the unique dual-beam optics technology (155°/65°), narrowly concentrated light beam is radiated along the length of the channel letters and reduced light loss to the sides.  The Elliptix modules produce maximum light coverage with minimum number of LEDs per linear footage.  
•  Unique dual beam optics design (155°/65°) for maximum coverage in shallow channel letters
•  Perfect for channel letters as shallow as 1.5 inch deep and as narrow as ½-inch wide
•  Thru-Wire and Constant Current Technology for minimized voltage drop
•  Strictest color rank control
•  LM80 rated Top-tier LEDs
•  Backed by 5-year warranty
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