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Lattice 2G 10H12-12V (10H12-12V)
Lattice2G (L2G) is Bitro’s latest version of the original industry-leading Lattice. Built upon all the great features of its predecessor, Lattice2G is now more powerful, more efficient and more affordable. With added intuitive mounting systems,
it is truly the most comprehensive and versatile lighting solution for illuminated sign cabinets and general back-lighting applications.
Lattice2G comes in various configuration; colors, brightness and cost offerings to fit your exact needs.
Consult with us to find out which Lattice is right for your project.
• New and Improved Version of the Original Lattice
• Extreme Uniform Illumination
• Reliable and Predictable Lighting Results
• Powered by top-tier LED chipset with LM80 data
• Highly Efficient Light Output
• Easy Labor-saving Installation
• Added Reliability, Longevity, and Uniformity with Bitro’s
  Constant Current Technology
• Bitro’s Thru-wire Interconnect Technology for
  Minimized Voltage Drop
• Dry and Damp Location
• Backed by 5-year Warranty
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