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DuLite Day-Night Acrylic (DuLite)
Bitro’s DuLite is a line of acrylic panel product based on our revolutionary patented color changing acrylic technology. DuLite emits its natural base color during the day while illumination source is turned off and then transmits the color of the illumination source when it’s turned on, with optimum diffusion for even illumination across the surface. DuLite opens a way for a whole new application where the surface needs to change colors between day and night for signage and architecture applications. DuLite is designed for outdoor installation for signage and architecture applications and is optimized for use with
LED illuminations.
•  BRIGHTER ILLUMINATION - 45% brighter than a PVC perforated sheet.
• REDUCED POWER CONSUMPTION - Reduces power consumption as it is 30% brighter than the conventional imported materials
• QUALITY & DURABILITY - DuLite is optimized for use with LED’s for proper diffusion and is rated for outdoor use lasting more than 5 years under direct UV exposure.
• COST-EFFECTIVE & LABOR SAVING - No need to use expensive perforated vinyl- reduced labor & cost.
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