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BT-SDM 0-10V Smart Dimming Module (BT-SDM)
Bitro BT-SDM Smart Dimming Module is Bitro’s standard dimming solution to control the brightnesses of low voltage and constant voltage operated LED module arrays. BT-SDM is inserted on the secondary side of the LED power supply and is connected to a 0-10V synchronized  dimmer controls.
BT-SDM is stable, efficient, and simple to install, and can be installed in any dry, damp, and wet locations. excellent for use in signage and architectural lighting applications.
  • Controls brightness of constant voltage LED modules.
  • Must be used with 0-10V Dimmer Controls.
  • Extremely Efficient (99%).
  • Allows smooth and wide dimming range
  • Works with off-the-shelf items such as Lutron DivaR 0-10V dimmer control.
  • Housed in weather-proof case for dry, damp, and wet locations.
  • Backed by 5-year warranty
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