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ecoPrime Series CLM Modules (ecoPrime / ECR)
New eco’Prime channel letter LED module offers an extensive selection of sizes and colors for Sign fabricators to choose from.
With a combination of silicone potting and rigid body design, eco’Prime boasts full waterproof and enhanced physical protection.
And not only there is assurance of Bitro reliability and performance, but eco’Prime also ensures exceptional consistent color quality from module to module.
In addition, eco’Prime contains no lead or mercury.
  • New and improved in all aspects from eco:max series
  • Practical and affordable illumination of channel letters
  • 100% potted with silicone for IP67 water protection and added heat dissipation
  • Quality chips from 1st tier LED maker and reliable under-driven circuitry ensures longevity
  • Bitro’s Thru-Wire interconnect technology for minimized voltage drop for uniform lighting
  • Double-sided PCB printing for added copper coverage
  • Added mechanical fastening function
  • Backed by 5-Year Warrant
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ecoPrimeM3 / ecoPrimM2 Red / ecoPrimeM2 Green / ecoPrime M2 Blue

Basic Packaging Unit: Tray
1 Tray = 50 modules = 25 ft
1 Inner Carton = 4 Trays = 200 modules = 100 ft
1 Master Carton = 4 Inner Cartons = 20 Trays = 1000 modules = 500 ft
*Units must be ordered in increments of trays.


ecoPrimeS3 / ecoPrimeS2

Basic Packaging Unit: Tray
1 Tray = 75 modules = 30ft
1 Inner Carton = 4 Trays = 300 modules = 120ft
1 Master Carton = 4 Inner Cartons = 20 Trays = 1500 modules = 600 ft
*Units must be ordered in increments of trays.
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