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LightPrizm R(LPR) RGB Series
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  • High-power LED Linear Washer
  • Extremely Efficient Lighting
  • Interior / Exterior Applications
  • Standard Mounting Brackets
  • Jumper Connectors for Easy Installation
  • Bar-to-bar features seamless linear illumination
  • UL Recognized Component for Dry, Damp, and Wet Location 


LightPrizm R (LPR) RGB Series is Bitro's high-power linear light washer system. Using one of the most efficient LED technology in the market, LPR RGB Series can be installed in continuous linear formats without visible seams. LightPrism is available in multiple lengths and various beam angles, indoors & outdoors. LPR RGB is excellent for washing walls, large areas, architecture, art pieces, and signage; as displayed on this tower project in Florida.

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