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Resno / Avalon eBlast 2017 10 17

Resno continues to be a top seller at Bitro! And we now even more versions than ever before. Our new Resno brochure is now up to 78 pages detailing the very latest in construction options…please ask us for a digital copy. There are many reasons for this, the least of which is our precision jewel like finished product. This is accomplished with top craft people and the best materials for the job.


We do our very best to only recommend what is the best solution based on your design, our expertise and your customer’s demands. As you might know Stainless Steel is our metal of choice as it is a superior exterior surface that does not need paint and it is an excellent Heat Sink for the LED. Most of our Resno jobs use our patented Tracer as it quite simply traces the letter shapes, unlike standard Tape LED which must lay flat. Our plastics are also unique to our Resno line and our Glacier White 3cm / 1.25” thick cast acrylic is specifically formulated for LED light transmission unlike most other plastics. The way we work the plastic is also a learned technique the casual fabricator finds hard to duplicate.


When you need the best, Bitro’s Resno line is your solution! What can we do for you?

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