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TRENDING 2016 December

TRENDING 2016 December



Leaving 2016 for our 2017 10th Anniversary


First, Thank you for your business and opportunities! We Value You as part of our family!


As we look at 2017 and the great opportunities we have in our 10th Year, a milestone to say the least, the prognosis is GREAT! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show about 50% of all new business survive five years or more and about 1/3 of all make it to 10 years plus.


As always, Bitro brings the best available products to market with the best prices. We will be introducing several new products in January and throughout the year(s) to complement our current product mix of commodity and Specialty lines. We would be remiss if we did not mention our new LightSymphony Smart module we affectionally refer to as the “Puck”. This product is a result of our years in the RGB segment where we have responded to the needs of our customers.


Our number one goal is to offer the best products with the most knowledgeable support teams available. Additionally, we also added a new RSM for our last open territory in the South Central US, now providing five RSM’s for the US market, all part of our ongoing quest to keep you as our number one priority. We have added to and structured our various support departments to be ready for your total support needs.


All we ask from you is the opportunity!

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