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Technology... Bitro Serves It up Consistently!
Technology…Bitro Serves It up Consistently! At Bitro everyday brings new opportunities. New opportunities to help your offer your customer something new, something different, something creative! With our new LightSymphony Smart modules we affectionally call the “Puck&rdquo
New L3G Lattice The Best Cabinet Lighting Solution!
Lattice is quite literally in use World Wide, so what should that mean to you? Lattice was designed “in house” with several benefits directly advantageous to the user/installer as it is preconfigured for depth and brightness needs. It is a very easy, labor saving solution that el
Creativity and LED Go Hand in Hand!
Creativity and LED Go Hand in Hand! Our industry for decades was limited by the standard lighting medium (neon, fluorescent lamps and HID). The great news, technology and in this case LED specifically provides us new opportunities at all levels for numerous reasons. On the other hand we seem to h
2016 WSSC Show and CSA Conference
RGB Illumination- What are You Waiting For!
The city shall be illuminated. Craig Berger I went to VIVID which is a sound, light and media show held in Australia in May. The show has a lot of dynamic displays, but the leading spectacle was the dynamic RGB lighting. Literally the entire city was aglow in RGB tube lighting, building wash
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